Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox Cathedral

102 Russell Street, Worcester, MA 01609 • (508) 791 - 7326


Altar Boys

Altar Boys offer an important ministry to our clergy, as they prepare and provide a number of items to be used by the clergy during the divine services. 

We welcome all boys in Grades 5-12 to join us in the Altar. Please contact Fr. Nicholas Livingston ( for further information.

Altar Boy Rules

1. No unnecessary talking.

2. No eating or drinking in the Altar. NO GUM.

3. The Sunday dress code is: Collared shirt, long pants, and dress shoes.

4. BE ON TIME. Enter via the Preschool. Please arrive five minutes before the start of any service.

5. When you vest, ask Father to bless your belt before putting it on.

6. Walking should be kept to a minimum.

7. No Altar Boys should be outside the Altar Area during servies. Altar Boys should stand at the benches behind the Altar.

8. Accept your assignment without complaint.

9. Always display good manners.

10. Follow along in the service book.

11. When offering or receiving something from the Priest, always kiss his right hand.

12. CAREFULLY hang your robe and belt in the vesting room. Remember these are special robes and should be cared for.