Greek School


2024-2025 Greek School start date will be Wednesday, September 11, 2024.  More info to come!


If you have further questions, please call Soula Engonidis 774-641-9121 or Georgia Parafestas 617-429-0918.

Classes are twice per week from 4-6pm.
The first day is September 11, 2023, and the classes run through the first week of June, 2024.
The school calendar is below.
Classes are Tuesday & Thursday for Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade.
Mondays and Wednesdays for grades 3-6.

St. Spyridon Cathedral Greek School serves children in grades K through 6. Our main goal is to instill an appreciation for the Greek language and heritage in the younger generations. The importance of Greek culture, history, faith, and traditions are incorporated into the curriculum by our teachers who are fluent speakers with experience in Greek education. In addition to teaching reading, writing, and speaking, the children’s studies are further enriched by learning poems, songs, and Greek traditional dances that are performed during our ethnic celebrations. All students participate in numerous events during the school year, such as celebrations for OXI Day and Greek Independence Day among others.  Attending Greek School not only provides children with an appreciation for the Greek language and culture, but also with lasting friendships and memories that may last a lifetime.

Soula Engonidis
Greek School Director