Liturgical Ministries

Altar Servers

We welcome all boys ages 10+ to serve in the altar. Altar Servers help the priest coordinate movements during the services and get special opportunities to to leader in the community.

We regularly hold Altar Server training for our new members so they can learn what is expected and what their role includes.

During Holy Week we are pleased to include the young women of our community as Myrrh-bearers. This program is coordinated by Irene Stefanakos through the Sunday School. 

Please contact the Church Office or Fr. Chris for more information. 




The Cathedral Choir is always seeking and welcoming new members.  No formal music training is necessary, just a good ear and a desire to learn a new artform. There is no need to read Greek or musical notes! Please come and join us any Sunday at 9am.

Contacts: Nathan Reich and Katherine Peepas

Or call the office, 508-791-7326 or Fr. Chris for more details.






Byzantine Chant is the traditional style of musical worship in the Christian East. The practice is made up of 8 melodic genres to which hymns are written and set, each one evoking a different emotion or message. Byzantine Chant is the older form of liturgical music, as contrasted to the Western Choir. In modern Greek Orthodox Churches in America, however, both styles and groups are utilized.

The chanting at St. Spyridon is led by seminary graduates George Panagiotopoulos and Nicholas Paleologos, and his son, Kosta Paleologos. 

If you are interested in learning more about Byzantine Chant or becoming involved in our program, please speak with Nick P. after services. 



Pangari Team (Ushers/Greeters)

Pangari (or Usher) Service is carried out faithfully by members of our community. Each member of the Parish Council is part of rotation of teams, but anyone in the community is welcome to volunteer their time to help with this ministry.

Pangari Members welcome parishioners and visitors alike upon entering the church, provide help in purchasing candles, pass the collection tray at the end of the service, and can help find available seats. 

These people are always available to help should you have any needs or questions. 

To become a Pangari Team member, please email Georgia Parafestas